1.2 Family Leadership Commitment

One distinction that sets apart the leadership of a Family of Parishes is that the leaders are focused on the whole Family of Parishes rather than the individual parishes that comprise it. This requires the leaders to be committed to fostering unity among the parishes and their people. As leaders, you must be prepared to discern and take into consideration the mission of your Family, even when doing so means that the life of one or all your parishes is affected. In fact, your parishes should be affected! Bringing about transformation in your Family will require change in your parishes and your people.

Leadership Reversed

“Parishes continually deepen the bonds of communion with other parishes … People come to understand the nature of the parish as the people within a given territory and therefore grow in understanding themselves as members of Christ’s Body, the Church.” (Church principle and vision point)

As you discern your leaders, make sure they are ready to embrace the vision of and make a commitment to your Family of Parishes.

To-do: Ask leaders to make a commitment to the whole Family of Parishes, valuing unity and growth as they plan for the future of the Family.