Love in Action

Love in Action Overview: Phase 1

There are five Love in Action goals for Phase 1:

  • Build a Love in Action Transitional Team.
  • Get to know the members of the Transitional Team.
  • Understand what charity, respect life and social justice ministries are already happening in your Family of Parishes.
  • Review the Love in Action vision points.
  • Report back to your full Family.

While all this might seem formal, it really does not need not be complicated.

If any parish in your Family of Parishes has not already taken the Love in Action Parish Inventory, it should do so soon and share the inventory with the other parishes in the Family to begin to dialogue. In this phase, you will look at all parishes together using a combined inventory tool. 

“Build a parishioner-based Live in Action Transitional Team; get to know each other and understand what activities are already being done.”