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Families of Parishes are communities of grateful disciples. Recognizing God’s gifts, they use their talents, skills and resources to build up the Church and live as Christ’s body in the world.

Vision Points

Everyday Stewardship & Vocation: The Family of Parishes forms people to hear and respond to God’s call in their lives – from the individual moments of each day to their overall purpose of living out their vocation.

Way of Life: More than a program or once a year report to the parish, stewardship is fostered as a spiritual way of life and becomes an expression of discipleship.

Gratitude & Giving: Parishioners are formed as disciples who grow in gratitude and become willing to share their time, talents, faith, and resources within the parish and beyond it. 

Invitation & Engagement: The Family actively invites and engages people of all ages and stages of life and faith to contribute in ministry, service, and giving.

Hospitality & Welcome: The Family of Parishes is a community that warmly welcomes newcomers and offers hospitality to everyone.

Meaningful Involvement & Leadership: The Family of Parishes seeks to meaningfully involve people as contributing members of the community. Parishioners are encouraged to take leadership roles as appropriate and are offered formation to equip them as leaders.


Every Family of Parishes will form people to embrace stewardship as a way of life.

What This Means: Growing as good stewards is a life-long process of putting faith into practice in daily life.

Why This Matters: The lives of individuals, families and the Family of Parishes will be transformed when people make a commitment to live as disciples and grow as good and faithful stewards.

Every Family of Parishes will actively promote vocational discernment.

What This Means: Hearing and responding to God’s call is an essential aspect of the life of discipleship.

Why This Matters: The Family of Parishes will grow as a community of people who share the journey of faith when all continually discern and respond to the call to holiness and living faith – and can respond with a generous “yes!”