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MissionInsite Mapping Tool

What is Missioninsite?

Help Your Parish Connect with Your People

MissionInsite is a cloud-based data tool that helps you get to know your parishioners and community, and understand how to best reach them.

Why Use Missioninsite?

MissionInsite provides demographic insights to help you discover ministry opportunities, understand parishioner concerns and needs, assess what is most important to the people in your area, and pinpoint what will inspire them to come back to the pews.


Get to know your congregation and community


Create and adjust ministry opportunities based on data


Inspire people to come, participate, and share

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the “Request Access” button and once you’ve submitted the form you will be contacted with further information about the tool and how to sign up for a user account.

The Archdiocese has already purchased a MissionInsite subscription, so it won’t cost you anything.

MissionInsite provides geographical information and demographic data from third-party sources such as the Census Bureau. Additional insights are gleaned from surveys and reports, some of which are customizable and some of which are compiled from existing data. 

MissionInsite provides data and insights including:

  • Demographic patterns
  • Wealth information (such as fundraising potential)
  • Population/household projections

You can use the tool to focus more locally or more broadly depending on what insights you would like to examine. 

Sources for MissionInsite data include: 

  • Experian Mosaic USA 
  • Epsilon TotalSource Plus™ Household Data 
  • The American Beliefs Study: Religious Preferences & Practices (formally known as The Quadrennium Project)
  • PopStats
  • American Community Survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau

Focus on the data and insights that will help your parish or school answer the questions: who are we, and who are our neighbors? How can we better plan ministry, mission, budgeting, and building opportunities?  

With MissionInsite, you can create a geographical radius (for example, 15 minute drive time) and focus on: 

  • Parishioner data (including demographic information)
  • Population information (including ethnicity, phase of life, career status, education level)
  • Household data (including number of children and wealth information)

MissionInsite also provides information on the best way to communicate with specific groups of people, and demographic projections for future years.  

With all of this information, look beyond the numbers, graphs, and reports to understand how this information can shape your ministry and mission opportunities. 

Follow the instructions in the training video below to understand how to use MissionInsite and get the most out of the tool.

If you are new to the tool, please review the training video below. 

If you still have questions after reviewing the training, contact Rob Brock, Director of the Strategic Planning Office, at [email protected]


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