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Find out more about the Pastoral Planning Pathway, Beacons of Light, Parish Vitality, and more!

Beacons of Light

Learn more about Beacons of Light, including some FAQs and a glossary of important terms

Principles, Vision, and Parameters

Archbishop Schnurr has established 6 principles for pastoral planning and given several parameters to guide the planning process. Learn more about these and the vision for vital parish life.

Pastoral Planning Pathway

Get started on the pathway to pastoral planning in your Family of Parishes and learn more about the digital platform.

Journeying Together

Find out more about the theological foundations for pastoral planning with the document Journeying Together, helpful articles in both English and Spanish, and a study guide for reflection and discussion.

Parish Vitality

The Office for Parish Vitality is overseeing the pastoral planning process for our Families of Parishes. Learn more about the office, meet the team, get signed up for the Vitality newsletter, and more!

Leading Change

Parish leaders will be called to lead change in the Families of Parishes. Here you’ll find resources to help manage organizational change and communicate well with your parish communities.

Beacons of Light Liaisons

Beacons Liaisons are individuals who possess the necessary skills to directly support pastors and their planning teams as they endeavor to create united Families of Parishes.