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Each of us is called to actively participate as a member of a parish, the Universal Church and our local Church, led by our archbishop. Parishes continually deepen the bond of communion with other parishes.

Vision Points

Deaneries: The archdiocese is organized in canonical parishes, grouped into Families of Parishes, which are gathered into deaneries.

Archdiocese: In communion with the pope, the bishop exercises leadership of the local Church.

Subsidiarity: Deaneries enhance regional subsidiarity; explore cooperative ministries between Families of Parishes.

Culture & History: As they become one Family, the culture and history of the parishes are acknowledged, honored, and where possible, preserved as we move from maintenance to unification in the mission of Christ. Efforts are made to blend cultural differences with compassion and compromise.

Local & Universal: People come to understand the nature of the parish as the people within a given territory and therefore grow in understanding themselves as members of Christ’s Body, the Church.


In pastoral planning and parish life, every Family of Parishes will adhere to the spirit and norms of the Vatican Instruction: “The pastoral conversion of the parish community in the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church” (2020).

What This Means: The Vatican Instruction is a document of the Universal (Catholic) Church that guides the reinvigoration of parish life toward the evangelizing mission of Christ.

Why This Matters: Pastoral leaders and all the faithful have a great opportunity and responsibility to bring new vitality and a stronger sense of mission to pastoral life in order to more faithfully spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and live as Christ’s people in our archdiocese.

Families collaborate with other Families within the deanery to provide coordinated pastoral ministry (e.g. hospitals, care facilities, young adult evangelization, high schools, jails, etc.). 

What This Means: Greater opportunities for parishioners to participate in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy may exist through collaboration between Families or within the deanery.

Why This Matters: Jesus said that when we love others, we love him. We must explore every means of offering service and sharing mercy, compassion, forgiveness and love in our local area, archdiocese, and world.