Annual Plan

Families of Parishes must develop a pastoral plan for parish vitality, submitted at least annually, reviewed by the dean, to be approved by the archbishop in conformity with the parameters of the Pastoral Planning Pathway according to the published timeline.

— Beacons of Light, Parameter 2

Annually, each Family of Parishes will submit a report on their planning activity from the year prior and a plan for the coming year.

This plan is to articulate how the 6 principles are being realized and to measure conformity to the 31 planning parameters, all in the service of our Families of Parishes being vital faith communities. It is prepared by the Family Leadership Team, signed by the pastor, and co-signed by the leader(s) of the pastoral council(s). This report is reviewed by the dean and ultimately submitted to the archbishop.

Each year’s planning documents will include:

Report on the previous year

How has the Family of Parishes realized the vision for each of the 6 principles?
For each of the 31 parameters, is the Family in full conformity? If not, why?

Plan for the coming year

How will the Family of Parishes continue to realize the vision for each of the 6 principles?
How will the Family of Parishes achieve greater conformity with the 31 parameters?

Leading up to July 1, 2023, there will be quarterly checkins along the way with the dean and other pastors in the deanery, focused on leadership for the Family of Parishes (staff teams and pastoral councils).

Now Available:Report Template

  • Read-only now so Family leaders can prepare
  • Tutorial video walks through the template
  • Report template includes a dashboard indicating the Family’s status for each principle
  • Looking back/looking ahead summaries
  • Template goes live May 1
  • July 1 deadline for submission by pastor to Archbishop