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Annual Plan

Families of Parishes must develop a pastoral plan for parish vitality, submitted at least annually, reviewed by the dean, to be approved by the archbishop in conformity with the parameters of the Pastoral Planning Pathway according to the published timeline.

— Beacons of Light, Parameter 2

Annually, each Family of Parishes will submit a report on their planning activity from the year prior and a plan for the coming year.  It is prepared by the Family Leadership Team, signed by the pastor, reviewed by the dean and ultimately submitted to the archbishop.

Each year’s planning documents will include:

Report on the previous year

How has the Family of Parishes realized the vision for each of the 6 principles?
For each of the 31 parameters, is the Family in full conformity? If not, why?

Plan for the coming year

How will the Family of Parishes continue to realize the vision for each of the 6 principles?
How will the Family of Parishes achieve greater conformity with the 31 parameters?

In 2024 we are transitioning the timing of the Annual Report so we can better align the report with the most recent parish and Family vitality data.  Therefore, at this eighteen-month point in the Beacons of Light project, we are only asking for a brief update on your progress, specifically focused on the Beacons parameters. This March 2024 Progress Report will be due March 1.  See below for more detail. 

Year 2 Reporting Timeline

  • Jan 15, 2024: Reporting tool issued for mid-year progress report: focused on parameters, much simpler and shorter
  • March 1, 2024: Progress report due from pastors to CPV
  • March: The Center for Parish Vitality reviews progress reports, other statistical data
  • July 1, 2024: Reporting tool for Year 2 full Annual Planning Report is available
  • Oct 1, 2024: Full APR due to CPV
  • Oct 2024-Jan 2025: Review of APRs and quantitative measures (Mass attendance, financials, sacramental participation, etc.) by Center for  Parish Vitality, deans, other leadership and submitted to the archbishop
  • Feb 1, 2025: Parish Vitality Report issued

March 2024 Progress Report

The tool designed for the progress report works similar to the one used for your Annual Planning Report, but shorter. Like the Annual Planning Report, the pastor may designate others to complete the first page, with the pastor providing summary comments and flagging the report as complete on the second page.  

It is important to note that no Family is expected to be in conformity with all parameters this early in the project. It is hoped and expected that progress is being made.  If you are not in conformity with a parameter, comment fields are provided to share the reason you are not in conformity at this time and your plans to move toward conformity in the future.

 Note that on page 2 we have provided two data points as preliminary indicators of vitality for your commentary:  Mass Attendance and Financial Giving trends (updated as of 2023).  We understand that these are not the only data points that demonstrate growth, stagnation, or decline. By next fall, we will also have sacramental data to include in the Parish Vitality reporting tool.

Below is a link to a read only sample of the Progress Report.  In mid January, each pastor will be emailed a link to their specific copy of the Progress Report which they can share within their leadership team if necessary. 

Any questions, please contact [email protected]   

Capture status for each Beacons parameter
Capture pastor commentary and indicate completion.