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Beacons of Light Liaisons

Beacons of Light calls all parishes to set out into uncharted waters. As this program unfolds in the coming months and years, each Family of Parishes will work towards their own pastoral plan. Liaisons are intended to offer specialized support.

Beacons Liaisons are individuals who possess the necessary skills to directly support pastors and their planning teams as they endeavor to create united Families of Parishes.  Other dioceses* have reported that having individuals in these roles has had profound impact on the success of their planning processes. Liaisons will be available, at no cost to Families, for each Family of Parishes. All Families of Parishes are strongly encouraged to utilize this available resource.

*Dioceses that have used liaisons (sometimes called facilitators or project managers) in their planning processes include the (arch)dioceses of Trenton, Scranton, Chicago, Buffalo, Austin, San Angelo and Corpus Christi.

What is the role of a Liaison?

Beacons of Light Liaisons will directly serve pastors and their planning teams. They will offer coaching and assistance in guiding Families through the Beacons process. Liaisons will be employees of the Pastoral Center, offered at no cost to Families of Parishes. Liaison options include:

Liaison Partnership

Liaisons will primarily serve in direct support to a pastor and his team, meeting with them regularly (approximately 5 hours per week), for the first year to 18 months of Beacons of Light. After that, the time would vary based on the needs of that pastor and availability of the Liaison.

Liaisons On-Call

Liaisons will also be available to pastors on an on-call or as-needed basis. Pastors will have the opportunity to consult with Liaisons for help or support in situations in which the experience and expertise of the Liaisons would be beneficial.

What Liaisons are NOT:

  • Supervisors or directors of the pastor
  • Substitutes for the pastor
  • Experts with all the “answers”
  • In charge of the process

What Liaisons ARE:

  • A direct support for pastors and their planning teams
  • People with extensive experience and expertise in project management, conflict resolution, change leadership, and more
  • Guides who know the expectations and goals of Beacons and are intimately familiar with the resources of the Pastoral Planning Pathway 
  • Individuals able to bridge the gap between the work needed within Families of Parishes and the resources and assistance available from the Pastoral Center
  • Individuals with the skills necessary to help pastors plan, design and lead change efforts