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WHY build strengths among parish leaders and parishioners?

We are at our best when we do what we do best! When people are mindful of and use
their talents, they are more likely to thrive in ministry and in life. Teams work together more
effectively; people contribute more readily and value the contributions of others. Communities
come to life as members become more engaged with one another and ultimately more deeply
with the mission of Christ, understanding that all good gifts are entrusted to us by God.

HOW does the process work?

Ideally, start with leaders – your full staff or Family Leadership Team

Each person completes the CliftonStrengths questionnaire and through it, discovers his or her Top 5 themes of talent.

Participate in a workshop led by a member of the Pastoral Center strengths team

Build talent awareness and strengths development into meetings and collaboration with one another

Foster parish and Family culture in which every person is valued and has the opportunity to contribute with meaning

WHAT comes first?

Designate a leader in your Family of Parishes to complete the form below to get started.