Beacons Roundtable

The Fall 2022 series of Beacons Roundtable will focus on Phase 1 Milestones and first steps for a Family of Parishes in pastoral planning.  Each 90 minute online session will also include updates to the Pathway platform and information about upcoming events for parish leaders.


1:30-3:00pm Online

Tues, Sept 13

Transition Management
Pathway Team: How’s it going? First steps for success!

Tues, Oct 4

Co-Responsibility: A Vision for Parish Leadership
Family Leadership Team: Why, What, How

Tues, Oct 18

Family of Parishes: Church Phase 1
Family Pastoral Council: Why, What How

Tues, Nov 8

Building a Love in Action Team
A Roadmap to Parish Vitality: Vatican Instruction

Tues, Nov 22

Stewardship: Why Now and Best 1st Steps
Vision: Preview of Phase 2