Prayer Resources

Radiate Christ Prayer

This prayer, taken from Archbishop Schnurr’s pastoral letter by the same name, is appropriate for use in all gatherings focused on pastoral planning.

Ideas for Bringing People Together

This document of ideas has been shared in groups of parish leaders as they anticipate the implementation of Families of Parishes. This list is certainly not exhaustive – please share your ideas and experience in the coming months as your Family begins to come together as a faith community!

Preaching Reflections for Beacons of Light

As Beacons of Light progresses forward, the focus of communication moves from the archdiocese to the parish. Since each parish will be on different timelines and working with their local community, it is important that the parishes themselves drive the ongoing communication related to Beacons of Light purpose and execution. One of the best ways to reinforce such important far-reaching changes in parish practice and direction is from the ambo. Therefore, the Center for Parish Vitality has prepared these preaching reflections beginning with Ordinary Time in 2023. These reflections relate the Sunday scriptures to Beacons of Light Principles and Vision Points to help parish preachers reinforce key themes of Beacons of Light with their parishioners. We do not anticipate that parishes will utilize these themes every weekend but will utilize this resource as appropriate for their community. Feel free to reach out to Deacon Mike Lippman at [email protected] if you have feedback, questions or suggestions!