Stewardship Champion

One of the guiding principles of Beacons of Light is Stewardship:  

“Families of Parishes are communities of grateful disciples. Recognizing God’s gifts, they use their talents, skills and resources to build up the Church and live as Christ’s Body in the world.”

— Beacons of Light Stewardship Principle

Fostering stewardship as a way of life shapes the culture of the parish, bringing faith to life for your people and enhancing engagement within the Family.

To help facilitate and lead the stewardship principle, Families of Parishes are encouraged to identify a staff member to serve as a “Stewardship Champion.”

The Stewardship Champion will work in partnership with a Stewardship Core Team, consisting of key volunteers and leaders, to develop and implement an annual plan for all stewardship activities within the Family of Parishes. The Stewardship Champion will also work closely with the Archdiocese Stewardship Department.

To better communicate about Stewardship workshops and other stewardship-related news and offerings, complete the form below to submit the name of your Family’s Stewardship Champion.

Please respond by April 24 to ensure your Stewardship Champion is invited to the Grateful Disciples Workshop scheduled for Thursday, May 11.

Need help discerning who your Stewardship Champion should be?

Resources are available on the Beacons Pathway platform. (Must be logged in to view.)

For more information or for questions about the role of Stewardship Champions, please contact the Director of Stewardship, David Kissell, at [email protected].