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Join other parish leaders – clergy and staff – to get warmed up for pastoral planning. We’ll check in on how Phase 0 is going, provide an orientation to the Pastoral Planning Pathway and the online platform for planning resources, and make sure key leaders are up to speed before Phase 1.

What parish leaders should and should NOT do in the coming months of Phase 0.

DO this, DON’T do this!

In this introductory Phase 0: Warmup, here’s a list of things you should DO and NOT do.

Liturgical Considerations

As we work towards vitality in our new Families of Parishes, it will be important for us to remember that the Eucharist is indeed the source and summit of parish life.


These inventory tools are designed to help parish leaders assess one or more aspects of parish life before pastoral planning takes place within the Family of Parishes. Once the inventory tool is completed, it can be shared with leaders in the other parishes within the Family during Phase 1 to increase familiarity among all parishes.


Liturgical and Sacramental Inventory Tool


Staff Inventory Tool

Pastoral Council Inventory Tool


Stewardship Inventory Tool


Evangelization Inventory Tool

Love In Action

Love in Action Inventory Tool

Pastoral Planning Data

View and download data files for each parish and Family of Parishes. The data will help leaders to learn about their parishes and their people as they discern their future together.

Pastor Transition

Among the many changes in Phase 1 will be a new pastor for many parishes. Here's a helpful guide to managing pastor transition, including liturgical resources and more.


“Pastors, in collaboration with parochial vicars, deacons and lay ministers, according to their proper roles and charisms, share responsibility for pastoral leadership. The spiritual, physical and mental health and ongoing support of ordained and lay leaders is vital for Families of Parishes.” (Leadership Principle)

The focus of Phase 1 will be on leadership, discerning and forming the many groups that are essential to the leadership of Families of Parishes, including the Family Leadership Team.

This popular monthly online gathering of parish leaders returns on Tuesday afternoons during 2022.  Join colleagues in parish ministry – priests, deacons, staff, council members, and others – to learn more about Beacons of Light, catch up on timely news, and to share best practices with others.