0.2 Build and Assess Signs of Family Identity and Engagement

Coming together as a community of faith takes time and relies on intentional processes that bring people into greater union with Christ and one another. There are many things your Family leaders can do to increase your parishioners’ sense of their identities as members of your Family rather than solely as members of their respective parishes. Engaging people within your Family as disciples who are journeying together creates a deep sense of belonging that leads to fuller participation in Mass and the sacraments, ministry, giving and evangelization, as members share their faith, time and resources.

Church Reversed

“Each of us is called to actively participate as a member of a parish, the Universal Church and our local Church, led by our archbishop. Parishes continually deepen the bonds of communion with other parishes.”

Your Family Leadership Team, Pathway Team and pastoral council(s) share in leadership as each group seeks ways to unify parishioners with one another, creating more robust engagement and helping people identify with your Family of Parishes as well as their own parishes.

To-do: Build and assess signs of Family identity and engagement.