Church Overview: Phase 2

The focus during Phase 2 of Beacons of Light is establishing a compelling vision for the future, one that will be the reference point that everyone in your Family of Parishes will strive for in the coming years. The Church principle invites people to understand that they are part of something bigger than their individual parishes — even bigger than their Family of Parishes. They are part of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and of the Universal Church, which has Jesus Christ as its foundation and center. 

During Phase 2, leaders will discern, articulate and share your vision for your Family of Parishes. As a Family, you must continue to lead your people to come together, to see themselves as part of the Family and to begin to make the vision of your Family their own. You will seek opportunities to come together as people of faith so that, over time, you will become a community in union with Christ and one another.

To fulfill this great goal, you must be rooted together in prayer with open minds and hearts, listening for and responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. You should also seek ways to bring people together socially, either through new events for your Family or by broadening the scope of gatherings that were previously just for one of the parishes in your Family.

Phase 2 is also a time for ministry leaders to join with others in your Family of Parishes, so that all may benefit from the mutual sharing of gifts, talents and resources. Doing so will rely on every person involved to understand themselves as members of Christ’s Body, the Church, multiplying the ministry of which they are a part.