2.1 Preparing to Build the Evangelization Team for the Family of Parishes

Now that the director of evangelization has been identified, it is time to form the Evangelization Team for your Family of Parishes. These team members must be competent and qualified staff members who will report to the director of evangelization. They may be appointed from current staff or hired to fill new positions. If you’re needing to fill new positions, now is the time to create job descriptions and hire the people who will help your Family of Parishes achieve your discerned vision. 

The Evangelization Team’s main role in achieving the vision will be to attend to the following vision point: 

“Implement a simple and clear discipleship process for all ages that ultimately equips and commissions missionary disciples for personal apostolate and vocation.” 

The outcome of Phase 2 will be the accomplishment of Parameter 1: 

Evangelization Reversed

“Every Family of Parishes will have an Evangelization Team, overseen by the pastor and led by competent and qualified staff.”

Your pastor and director of evangelization will need to spend much time in prayer and discernment to determine the composition of your Evangelization Team. This is an opportunity to create job positions that are unique to your Family’s vision and priorities and that build on the strengths and charisms of the staff. No two Evangelization Teams will look the same. 

We encourage you to consult with the Center for the New Evangelization (CNE) and the archdiocese Department of Human Resources as you prepare to form your Evangelization Team. 

Resources for Preparing to Build Your Evangelization Team 


Consult with the Center for the New Evangelization on: 

  • Creative organizational structures for your Evangelization Team. 
  • Creation of compelling job descriptions for your Evangelization Team. 
  • Discernment of strengths and charisms of potential Evangelization Team members. 

You can contact the CNE at [email protected]