Eucharist Overview: Phase 2

The focus during Phase 2 of Beacons of Light is establishing a compelling vision for the future, one that will be the reference point that everyone in your Family of Parishes will strive for in the coming years. The Eucharist principle states clearly that not only is Mass the source and summit for the whole Christian life, but also Sunday Mass is the essential moment for building up your Family.

During Phase 2, leaders will discern, articulate and share your vision for your Family of Parishes. Then, as a Family, you will have a chance to consider what impact that vision will have on the liturgical and sacramental life of the parishes.

Phase 2 will also be a chance to continue forming a worship staff for your Family (to support your director of worship, already promoted from within or hired in Phase 1), as well as a Family Worship Commission to help your individual parish commissions begin to relate to one another.

Finally, you will be invited to consider some specific initiatives to help increase vitality in your liturgical life, including formation for liturgical ministers and parishioners, analysis of your Family Sunday Mass schedule and shared liturgical experiences for your Family.

“Create a vision for a Eucharist-centered parish, form a Family Worship Commission and Family Worship department of staff.”