2.1 Organize Worship Team

Phase 1 of the Pastoral Planning Pathway for Eucharist called for hiring a director of worship.  Now that this leader is in place, it is time to assemble and organize the team that supports worship in your Family of Parishes, as called for in Parameter 13:

Eucharist Reversed

“Competent and qualified staff are necessary to serve the Family of Parishes, especially in the areas of worship, Evangelization (including Love in Action) and administration. As is possible, staff will be unified to serve the entire Family.”

Assembling a worship team is a Phase 2 milestone:

“Create a vision for a Eucharist-centered parish, form a Family Worship Commission and Family Worship department of staff.”

Your Worship Team will serve your Family of Parishes by supporting all the liturgical and sacramental aspects of Family life. Depending on the scope of the worship functions, this team may include staff responsible for sacramental preparation (distinct from religious education), unless this falls within the purview of evangelization.

To-do: Use the sample organization charts in the Materials tab to create a Worship Team organization chart that will best fit your Family of Parishes.

To-do: Use the sample job descriptions in the Materials tab to create job descriptions for your Worship Team staff that will best fit your Family of Parishes.

Email [email protected] for the following:

  • Sample Organization Charts
  • Sample Job Descriptions