Stewardship Overview: Phase 2

Imagine your Family of Parishes filled with people who live as disciples, are filled with gratitude for their abundant blessings and generously share their faith, lives and resources — not only within the Family but also in all aspects of their everyday lives. Your Family would be transformed through such living faith! This is truly possible when your Family of Parishes embraces stewardship as a way of life. 

During Phase 2, your pastor, stewardship champion and Stewardship Core Team will discern the vision for your Family — the future you will work toward as you bring stewardship to life in your Family of Parishes and among your people.

Discerning your vision naturally flows from leaders who live and grow as good stewards. Therefore, Phase 2 includes time for stewardship formation — first among the Stewardship Core Team, Family Leadership Team (FLT) and pastoral council, then among ministry leaders and those who are involved in ministries and organizations within your Family. Laying this solid spiritual foundation will ensure that stewardship is not viewed as a program that will run its course or as a thinly veiled means for increasing financial giving. The spirituality of stewardship is a deeper, lasting way of seeing and responding to God’s grace in our midst.