2.2 Pastoral Council Formation

Leadership Reversed

“Priests, deacons, staff and other lay leaders will participate in ongoing spiritual formation and training for leadership.”

“Every Family of Parishes will have a unified pastoral council, with other relevant consultative groups for specific areas of parish life.” Parameter 11, Beacons of Light

The pastoral council constitutes the primary consultative voice of the members of the parishes and the Family of Parishes. Your pastor and council members must be well-formed and informed so that the council may effectively carry out its role, particularly in the Pastoral Planning Process envisioned in Beacons of Light (the process of unifying multiple parishes into one canonical parish) and the discernment of appropriate stewardship of resources for your Family of Parishes. A strong council will ensure that your pastor and Family Leadership Team receive necessary input and feedback from parishioners at every step of the process of unifying the parishes within the Family. Deanery convocations will be held in the fall of 2023 to form council members for their important role.

To-do: Look for registration information about the deanery convocations for pastoral councils members.