3.1 Begin Discernment of Canonical Mergers

One of the significant goals of Beacons of Light is that Families of Parishes will be unified as one canonical parish by June 30, 2027. There are many aspects involved in coming together as a spiritual and practical community of faith pointed toward the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church.

Church Reversed

“This is the purpose of Beacons of Light, to enable the vital proclamation of the Gospel for the third century of our own archdiocese. The infrastructure and schedules that were essential to the work of the local Church in decades past may no longer best serve the mission today. Therefore, under the leadership of the pastor, each Family of Parishes will engage in intentional pastoral planning, rooted in sincere prayer and open collaboration, to discern the best configuration of its collective resources to pursue the evangelizing mission of the Church. This is not a project for the priest and parish leaders only, but for the entire parish community, and it will not come to fruition overnight. Patience and fortitude will be essential.” (Letter to the Faithful, January 2023)

As your Family leaders begin the discernment process of unifying parishes within your Family as one canonical parish, it is important that all involved understand the many factors and considerations that must be addressed.