3.3 Publish Opportunities for Liturgy and Sacraments Across the Deanery

Church Reversed

“Each of us is called to actively participate as a member of a parish, the Universal Church and our local Church, led by our archbishop. Parishes continually deepen the bonds of communion with other parishes.” (Church principle)

Part of understanding yourselves as Church is being involved with the other Families of Parishes in your area — your deanery. 

With the leadership of the dean, your pastor and parish leaders should look for opportunities to collaborate and communicate with all parishes in the deanery.

For example, you could compile and publish a full listing of all communal penance services in Advent or Lent, or even all confession times, throughout the deanery. If this information is published on the dean’s Family website (or even a new website dedicated solely to the deanery), it could then be linked on each Family’s site, social media, etc.

Even just having a collective schedule of weekday Masses, or links to all the Families within your deanery, could be valuable for those needing (or even just occasionally wanting) to worship outside your own Family of Parishes.

This also lays the groundwork for later meeting Parameter 10:

Church Reversed

Families collaborate with other Families within the deanery to provide coordinated pastoral ministry (e.g. hospitals, care facilities, young adult evangelization, high schools, jails, etc.) (Parameter 10)