Evangelization Overview: Phase 2

Vision for Mission
The big picture work of creating a vision for your Family of Parishes will be the basis and inspiration for all your pastoral planning moving forward. In particular, your vision will inform and inspire your Evangelization Plan.

During Phase 2 in the Evangelization pathway, you will continue to lay the groundwork to implement a comprehensive Evangelization Plan for your Family of Parishes.

In order to do so, you will need to identify, form and train your staff to implement your vision for your Family of Parishes. This work began in Phase 1 through the creation of your Family Leadership Team (FLT), which includes the director of evangelization.

A Team Approach to Evangelization
In Phase 2, your pastor and your director of evangelization will form the Evangelization Team. The Evangelization Team will be the boots-on-the-ground staff that will bring the Evangelization vision points to life and be a large part of driving forward your vision.

No two Evangelization Teams will look the same. Your Family’s Evangelization Team should be formed around your Family’’s particular vision and needs. The goal is to break down ministerial silos, combine resources and support each other in implementing the Evangelization Plan.

Preferential Option for Marriage and Family
With that said, we are encouraging every Family of Parishes to have a preferential option for adult evangelization. In many cases, this could be realized by a new focus on marriage and family evangelization. We highly encourage Families of Parishes to discern creating a position for marriage and family evangelization on their Evangelization Teams. 

The Center for the New Evangelization (CNE) is ready to help you discern the makeup of your Evangelization Team. Beyond the resources you will find in this pathway, the CNE can help you craft job descriptions and interview guides and even help in the hiring process. Contact us at [email protected].