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Disciple Maker Index


These resources provide detailed guidance on how to view and understand the Disciple Maker Index (DMI) survey results for your parish and the Archdiocese as a whole, as well as information on how the DMI can be utilized to support Beacons of Light.

Training Webinars

Webinar 1: Accessing the Data

Learn how to access, interpret, and understand the DMI survey results, and get insights to help you determine next steps.

Slide Deck: Webinar 1 Accessing the Data

Read through the slides or share with your team for more information on how to understand the DMI survey results and what steps you can take moving forward.

Webinar 2: Understanding the Data

Get a thorough understanding of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati DMI survey results, including demographics, parishioner strengths and opportunities, and key leadership perspective.

Slide Deck: Webinar 2 Understanding the Data

The slides walk you through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati DMI survey results, including strengths and areas for growth.

Webinar 3: Discerning Actions

This webinar shares an overview of the DMI survey, specific observations based on the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s results, and insights for how this relates to Beacons of Light.

Slide Deck: Webinar 3 Discerning Actions

Look through the slides for an overview of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s DMI survey results.

How To Guides

Adding Your Key Parish Leaders to CLI Portal

Learn how to add parish leaders to the CLI portal so they can view survey results and assist you in identifying priorities based on the strengths and opportunities in your parish.

DMI Reports Guide - CLI Portal

This guide walks you through each section of the DMI report and what it means so you can navigate the results with confidence.

Accessing Your DMI Results on the CLI Portal

Learn how to log in and access the DMI results for your parish in the CLI portal.

DMI Survey (in English)

Download the full Disciple Maker Index Survey so you can become familiar with the questions.

Beacons of Light

How to Connect DMI Results to Beacons of Light

This chart offers a quick look at how the DMI results are split among the five phases of Beacons of Light.

Pastoral Planning Pathway: Principles and Parameters

This chart lists out the principles and parameters of Beacons of Light to help guide your pastoral planning process.

Pastoral Planning Pathway: Milestones

This chart explains how the five phases of pastoral planning relate to the six principles in Beacons of Light—Eucharist, Church, Leadership, Stewardship, Evangelization, and Love in Action.